Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them all like an artist
— Pablo Picasso

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You Want to Do More? You Want to Have a Hand in Building the Platform?

Become a stakeholder of OMD Ventures.

What does that mean?

It means to not just be a reader, listener and/or viewer but a full on supporter of the platform. A person of the community. An advocate, a patron, and a “True Fan”.

How do you do that?

You can be a stakeholder by treating me to a “Coffee” every month.

Many of you long-time fans may know that I love coffee. To be frank, I love a nice acidic, light roasted coffee. When I feel like treating myself I’ll opt for a fancy pour-over black coffee but on most occasions I’ll settle for a regular drip brewed black coffee.

Since I work out of coffee shops 7 days a week, it becomes a good chunk of my operating costs for OMD Ventures.

I’ll also take podcast guests or various people out to coffee to learn from them and hopefully translate those learnings to media pieces for the platform and you.

Sometimes, people ask “ME” out for coffee. These are flattering moments where they show their appreciation by buying me a nice cup of black coffee. Out of respect for my guest I’ve never ordered a pour over on their dime. I can only imagine their eyes bulging at the receipt.

As I’ve gone about building this platform I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to interact virtually and asynchronously with thousands of people at the same time.

If my work, my art has made an impact to you in any positive form or fashion and you’d love to help me create more then please think about helping the growth of the platform by buying me a coffee every month!

A black drip brewed coffee costs me $2.89 CAD. You may not be spending 1 hour with me face to face but think of it as the coffee you would’ve bought me to to learn about the essay content I wrote this week. Or maybe it would be the coffee you would’ve bought my podcast guest for an hour of his or her time (don’t worry I got them a coffee on your behalf).

So if you you’d like to do something more and help me build out my platform together then consider buying me a coffee this month and the months after :)

Of course, you’ll get something exclusive for helping me out.

What do will you get for buying me a coffee a month?

Quarterly AMA episode recorded for you!

I’m also thinking of more things to add to this list so stay tuned for more as well. Future updates will be provided in the weekly email.

What will I do with all the coffee money?

I will buy more coffees. For myself as well as to treat more interesting people I can meet and learn from. Hopefully, I can buy them a super amazing coffee to convince them to come on the platform to share their learnings with you as well!

Anything left over will be used to fund all the operating costs of the platform (i.e. domain, web hosting, podcast hosting) and buy more tools to improve the products.

With any more that are left over I may be able to hire some help so that I can focus my time on improving and building new products!

If there are any more after that, then I can buy myself some food, shelter, books and then probably find something else to invest in to grow the platform some more.

How does this work?

You pick how many coffees you want to buy me per month.

You can buy me one coffee a month, a coffee a week or maybe you really love what I’m doing and want to buy me a coffee a day!

Regardless, I appreciate all coffees equally and you can choose to stop buying me coffee anytime.

As I’m currently based in Canada, the coffees are in CAD.

Coffees will be bought for me at the start of every month (I think).

I will get your email from the coffee purchase and I will add you onto the community newsletter :)

Thank you for supporting the growth of the platform!