Welcome to the NOW page!

This page is dedicated to the various projects that I'm investing my time into currently... In case you care to know.

As of: September, 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada

Prioritized Projects:

  • Join an organization as a human capital investor. A role where I get to invest in people and create ecosystems where people are inspired to be unconventional. A role where I get to have deep conversations to help people perform, where I get to design beautiful systems, where I am encouraged to be unconventional. A role at a wonderful business operated by smart, people-focused leaders. This leads to companies that look something like this:

    • Human performance is no.1 asset and no.1 investment priority. Intrinsic belief + long-term investment mentality on people.

    • Business where employees have leverage (i.e. code, capital) for non-linear output (i.e. software, investing businesses)

    • Less is more. Right person + right place = production of 10+ people.

    • Bootstrapped or minimal funding = Leaders have control + no pressure of vanity growth

    • Long-term oriented = no IPO-dream, no acquisition dream, continuation strategy > exit strategy, 10-20 year time horizon for profitable growth.

    • Autonomy in location (i.e. Remote-first)

  • Ideation + Execution of new project of human capital investing. A project to research historic organizations that optimized human performance that produced an amazing company with financial results following. A project that also combines my own pursuit to develop an investing methodology focused on human performance over financial metrics. This may take shape in a podcast in the initial pursuit but develop into a fund. I'm not sure. This is the big thing I'm scratching my head over.